Term 6 Update!

The term started with one of our final football league (School Games Level 2) matches against Holbeach St Marks Primary School. Surfleet began the match confidently and scored a couple of goals in quick succession. Surfleet were at one point leading 4-1, but Holbeach didn’t give up, scoring two further goals to take the score to 4-3. Thankfully, Surfleet managed to maintain their lead and defend against other attacks to win the match.

On Tuesday 23rd June, some of our Year 3 and 4 children attended a tri-golf competition (School Games Level 2) organised by Agilitas and held in Spalding. The children really enjoyed their day, trying a new sport and learning new skills. They were all pleased when they received their ‘Bronze’ certificate at the end of the day.

The week commencing 27th June was our ‘Active Kids Week’ at school. On Tuesday 28th June, children participated in our sports day, enjoying traditional races such as flat race, egg and spoon race, hurdles and the sack race. The children fully enjoyed the afternoon, earning bronze, silver and gold stickers and well as stickers for participation. We were very proud of all of the children for their individual efforts, with Ash house being named worthy winners of the Sports Day trophy. Some of the Year 6 School Sports Leaders did a great job at helping to take charge of certain aspects of the sports day as well, a big thank you to them!

On Wednesday 29th June, we welcomed the Education Group into school to hold Olympic Dance workshops with each class. Before the event, each class chose a team that would be represented in the Olympics – Mexico, Japan and Greece and the morning started with an ‘Opening Ceremony’. Each class then participated in the workshop, when they learnt some traditional dance moves and listened to music linked to each country. At the end of the morning, children were able to share their learning and participated in a closing ceremony.

On Thursday 30th June, we held our ‘School Games Day’ – a day to celebrate the sporting achievements of all of the children during this academic year and part of our work towards the Games Mark. The day focused on the Olympic values and we discussed how these linked with the Games Mark values: Self-belief, determination, respect, team work, honesty and passion. The children were split into 6 mixed ability and mixed age groups and chose a country from the Olympics that they would represent, with the School Sports Leaders helping to support younger children in each group. The children were then challenged to find out as much as they could about their chosen country and to create pictures, flags and banners ready to share at our opening ceremony. The children then participated in a range of activities, such as throwing the javelin, running races, high jump and curling. The children were given practise time first, then given a couple of attempts, so that they could try to beat their own personal scores and achievements. Each group’s scores were then added together to give a cumulative score before a points system was used to rank the ‘Countries’ in each event.
The results were as follows:
6th Place Jamaica
Joint 4th – Greece and Brazil – Shared a points total
3rd and Bronze – China
2nd and Silver – Australia
1st and Gold – USA

The children enjoyed the activities, which lasted the full day – it was a real celebration of all things ‘sporting’ at Surfleet this year. Keep a look out in the local newspapers, as a photographer visited on Wednesday and Thursday and will be publishing photos and the write up of activities in the coming weeks.

On Monday 4th July, we welcomed Spalding’s New Age Bowling Club members into school. The children were able to watch a demonstration and learn about the successful club in Spalding. The club currently have a junior section with over 25 members and some of the junior members have become national and international players! Training sessions are held at the Castle Complex, Spalding. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Derek Sands on 01775 766491.

We will shortly be submitting our evidence – keep your fingers crossed that we are successful in our application for the School Games Mark this year!

Time for a much needed update!!

What a busy time we’ve been having at Surfleet!

On Friday 22nd April Mrs Milnes accompanied our Year 3 and Year 4 footballers to a tournament held at Pinchbeck East Football ground – for a School Games level 2 event.

Despite the cold weather, the children participated with enthusiasm and Mrs Milnes enjoyed leading warm up activities to keep the children ready for action!

Hopefully, this event will have encouraged the children to become involved in the Year 5 and 6 league games during the next academic year.

During this term, children completed lacrosse matches as part of our interhouse games (School Games Level 1 events). The children really enjoyed playing such a different sport and showed good teamwork, putting into practise the skills that they had learnt during PE lessons. All three house matches were very close, with Ash house just managing to win the tournament. The sports leaders did a good job at helping the ESA coaches to run and score each tournament game, giving positive advice to those playing and managing to ensure that games were played fairly and according to the agreed rules. This was the final interhouse tournament this year and more will be organised for the new autumn term.

On Thursday 19th May, the Year 5 and 6 football team played their first league match (School Games Level 2 event) against Moulton John Harrox. The children played really well together, although were a little rusty after such a long break and unfortunately lost 5-1. This gave us lots of talking points about how to improve during the following match!

On Friday 20th May, lots of our year 5 and 6 children were once again busy but this time on the astro at Spalding Hockey Club (School Games level 2 event).

The children played well once again in the intermediate league, following our promotion in previous tournaments. Competition was very tough, and we managed to place third in the league. The hockey league will once again begin in October, but if you are interested in playing in the meantime, please see http://www.spaldinghockeyclub.co.uk/juniors for more information about the training sessions and matches held at Glen Park.

On Thursday 26th May, the Year 5 and 6 football team played their second league match against Quadring School, the match was very close and the children managed a draw. This was our first away match and we were really pleased to have so much support from parents/carers and siblings. A super effort by all children.

A very busy term of sport and it was pleasing to have our endeavours in this area recognised during the recent OFSTED inspection:
‘ The funding has been used to provide specialist teaching, to train staff and to introduce pupils to a wide variety of sports, competitions and extra sports clubs. There has been a large increase in pupils’ participation and now over a third of the school are enhancing their skills and fitness through active involvement in new
competitions and sports clubs, such as hockey and lacrosse.’

Look out for more updates in Term 6!

Hockey Tournament 4 – School Games Level 2, Sport Relief and Adrenaline Martial Arts!

On Friday evening, the hockey team played in the fourth tournament of the season at Glen Park in Surfleet. We played in the intermediate league again and were hoping that we would do even better in this tournament.

Our first game was against Tower Road school, but we forgot to mark, or pass to each other so we didn’t play as well as we normally do. Unfortunately we lost 4-0. We talked at the end of the game about what we needed to do next time and Ellis gave us some sweets to help give us a boost!

The second game was against Weston Hills and we played much better, drawing 2-2, with goals scored by Andrew and Taylor. Ellis and Megan played really well in defence.

The third game we played was against Ayscoughee and we won 1-0 with a super goal scored by Taylor. Ellis and Coral worked well together in defence.

The final game was against Gosberton Clough and we won 1-0 with a fantastic goal by Finlay, he scored by chipping the ball into the net.

Megan thought the tournament was much better last time, Coral thought the tournament was really exciting, Taylor said we played much better and the results were better than last time as we finished second in the league. Everyone agreed that they are really looking forward to the final tournament in May and they feel ready to win.
Coral, Megan, Ellis, Joe, Kieran, Taylor and Andrew

Friday 18th March was a very busy day, as prior to the hockey tournament, all children within the school had donated £1 to wear their sports kits and then everyone completed a mile for Sport Relief! Alongside this, all children had completed a Karate Workshop, held by ‘Adrenaline Martial Arts’ company, who hold Karate classes in Weston. The children all got to try some simple karate moves and learn about the positive difference Karate can make to concentration. Adrenaline Martial Arts company then gave us 5 golden tickets – free karate lessons and a karate uniform! We held a raffle to raise additional money for Sport Relief and we had some very happy winners – all in all, a very active Friday!

If you are interested in learning more about Adrenaline Martial Arts and the classes they hold locally, please visit http://www.childrenskarate.co.uk/about-adrenaline-martial-arts/ or call 01954 211682.

Surfleet Kwik Cricket Tournament – Sainsbury’s School Games Level 1

This term, the children have competed in an interhouse tournament (Sainsbury’s School Games Level 1), playing Kwik Cricket. The children thoroughly enjoyed the games and the tournament finished as a draw overall, with all 3 teams scoring 4 points. The children wanted to share their experiences:

Match 1: Oak v Hazel
Oak started off batting and Hazel were fielding. Each team had ten minutes batting. Kieran hit one of the best shots in the game, it went passed the goal post and into the trees! Kieran scored the most points for Oak house and Andrew and Ty scored the most points for Hazel. Hazel won the game overall, meaning they had three points, and Oak had 1 point for playing. It was really fun because it was something different to what we normally do at break time.
Ty and Kieran.

Match 2: Oak v Ash
Ash started off by batting and Oak were fielding. Taylor hit the first shot and managed to hit William in the stomach with the ball! Ellis hit the ball and Finlay tried to catch it but it bounced out of his hands! After ten minutes we swapped batting and bowling. Kieran and Ellis were the highest scorers and for Ash, Finlay was good at batting. Kaytie did really when when she was batting. The overall score was really close as Oak scored 55 and Ash scored 53, meaning Oak won 3 points and Ash got 1. Everyone played well and it brought everyone together for team work. It gave us a chance to play with the younger children too.
Taylor and Kieran.

Match 3: Ash v Hazel
Ash started off batting and Hazel started off fielding. When Taylor hit the ball, Ty tried to catch it but the ball hit him in the stomach. Ty thought Taylor got the best shot of the game, when Tia bowled it, Taylor hit it and it went through Ty’s and Andrew’s legs. When Andrew tried to get it, he headbutted the floor but thankfully he was ok! Jessica and Ty were the best players on the day. The tournament was really fun and very unpredictable as all teams had really good hits. There were some good hits but good pace in the fielders. The overall score was Ash 52 and Hazel 46, so Ash won the three points.
Taylor and Ty.

Hockey team battle wind, rain and promotion!

A huge well done to the hockey team for a fantastic performance on Friday evening last week at the local tournament – a Sainsbury’s School Games Level 2 Competition. The children have consistently played to a high standard in these events, twice winning the league and seeing them promoted for this tournament to the ‘intermediate’ league.

Despite rain, wind and tougher opposition, the children played incredibly well as a team and worked hard. Although not league winners this time, every game was very close and evenly matched, the children were just a little unlucky in securing the winning goals in a couple of matches.

Results as follows:
Tower Road 4 3 0 1 7 3 9
Weston Hills 4 2 1 1 5 2 7
Ayscoughfee 4 1 2 1 2 3 5
Surfleet Primary 4 1 1 2 3 5 4
Wyberton 4 1 0 3 1 5 3

Well done again to the team, who are desperately hoping to maintain their position in this league for the next tournament!

A couple of the team members have started training with the hockey club at Glen Park on a weekly basis. If you are interested in joining, please see Mrs Martin for more details.

Olympic Aspirations

Last week, we were very fortunate to welcome an Olympic swimmer to school. In actual fact, Sophie Allen has been coming into school since September, as she is one of the ESA coaches and supervises lunchtime clubs, although children were very surprised to hear about what her job used to be!

Sophie came into school in her GB kit and led an exciting assembly for the children in order to talk to them about setting goals, following their dreams and aspirations but being prepared to work extremely hard to be successful.

Hockey Success!

A huge well done to the hockey team, who managed to win the league on Friday evening – a Sainsbury’s School Games Level 2 Competition! Despite being promoted, and facing some challenging teams, the children played really well together and scored lots of goals. The children managed to win three out of four games, losing 1-0 to Weston Hills but finishing top of the league thanks to a better goal difference.

Thanks to all of the support we had too! The next tournament is due to be held in February and I am looking forward to seeing if Surfleet can continue their winning form.

Some of the members of our hockey team have recently started training at Glen Park as part of the junior programme, run by Spalding Hockey Club.The club is always looking for new members, so if you are interested in joining, they run Saturday morning coaching sessions for boys and girls, aged 5 to 14 years, which run from 9.15 to 10.45 am at Glen Park. Sessions cost £3 per week to cover pitch hire and equipment costs. The autumn programme runs weekly until 12th December when there will be a break for Christmas.The spring sessions will run from Saturday 16th January until the Easter break 26th March 9.15 to 10.45am. Again, the cost will be £3 per week but the club are to offer a cheaper termly rate of just £20 for the 10 week spring programme. Further information is available at http://www.spaldinghockeyclub.co.uk/juniors.


The second interhouse tournament – a Sainsbury’s School Games Level 1 competition – began today, this term the children are putting their rugby skills into practise, so keep an eye here to see which team is victorious this term!

On Friday, we enter the second hockey tournament at Glen Park – a Sainsbury’s School Games Level 2 competition. We have been promoted to the next league, following the team’s success during the previous event, so fingers crossed our good form continues. Please keep an eye on the blog for future updates.

Year 5 and 6 Football Tournament

On Friday 16th October, our mixed Year 5 and 6 Football team entered a tournament held by ESA at Pinchbeck United Football Club (a Sainsbury’s School Games Level 2 Competition). The children played three matches before lunch, winning each without conceding a goal. This saw the team entered into the ‘Gold’ league for the afternoon. We played well in our quarter final match, eventually winning even though we had to endure a sudden death penalty round! Our semi-final match was tough and unfortunately we lost 1-0. Everyone played really well and enjoyed the competition thoroughly.